Sound Psychological Evaluations provides neuropsychological, psychological, and psycho-educational evaluations for kids and teens in the greater Seattle area.


Tuesday - Friday 

8am - 4pm

*Early morning or evening appointments may be available upon request

Deirdre Stone, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

Why consider a neuropsychological, psychological, or psycho-educational assessment for your child?

Some parents face very important questions about their children, including:

  • Does my son have ADHD?
  • Why is my child so disruptive in class?
  • Are my daughter's worries normal for someone her age?
  • Is my son dyslexic? If so, what subtype of dyslexia does he have?
  • Does my child have dysgraphia?
  • Is my teenager depressed?
  • Should my child be in an advanced learning program?
  • Could my preschooler be developmentally delayed?

Neuropsychological, psychological, and psycho-educational assessments are used to answer these and other questions about a child’s development and needs. Testing is most often sought when a child is thought to need an adjustment to their educational program.

As a Washington state licensed psychologist, I specialize in these kinds of evaluations. With each assessment, I set out to obtain a full and thorough picture of your child’s unique profile of strengths and challenges. My measures can help determine whether a child has a learning difference or a learning disorder. I provide families with information that will help their children to capitalize on their strengths, receive support for their challenges, and be the best individuals they can be.

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